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G & Z sas main services :

Industrial field
HISYS simulations concerning oil&gas field, chemical plants, factories utilities etc. by update realize 3.2, developed by Hyprotech, ASPEN Group, the best Processor, containing also dynamic depressuring utility, to simulate fire or adiabatic overpressure emergencies. Thus permits a correct design of blow-down feeders and blow-down tanks and a rigorous calculation of flow-rates to flares
Pipelines / sealines simulations, with rigorous design of piping profile, pressure drops and other involved base properties determination.
Rigorous design of Flares, according to updated API 521, with thermical and acoustic impacts evaluation; basic outline studies to push down flares dimensions, modifing process units and control phylosophy upstream the flares.
Plants environmental impact analysis, suggesting the best low impact process technologies (e.g: we are Italian Agent for Twister, an updated technology in natural gas upgrading), and evaluating its investment costs, both on shore than off-shore installations (in the last case by use of OCD5 software by EPA, U.S. Environmental Agency)
DESALTERS design, calculations of diameters-volumes and water flow-rates necessary to desalt oil, by our own software, developed together Enviroware.
Process design (process flow diagrams - P&ID - material and heat balances - calculation of characteristics and preparation of equipment data sheets, including of measurement and control instruments, control and safety valves sizing (by EPCON INTERNATIONAL software), process and sketches drawings, etc.) .
Utilities consumptions
Equipment and materials procurement
Civil field
Civil buildings design, private and public, for residential and industrial use, also for sismic sites; Concrete and steel structures calculations .
Drinkable water and heating plants design .
Natural gas, drinkable water, civil nets design
Sewers systems and treatment plants design of civil waste water .
Fire protection systems design
Contracts preparation for esecution of works, construction management and supervisory in working yards; final testings
Civil and industrial electrical equipment design
Consulting, supervision of construction and field works accounting for civil works
Hazard and risk analysis (626), safety engineering planning (494)

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