Our History

The history of Giordano & Zucca's technological activity starts at least a century ago, when in the 1920s, Antonio Giordano, a US citizen of Italian origin, worked in the natural gas field in Pennsylvania. It was the time of the discovery of the field which then became Marcellus, and after the exhaustion it became storage and nowadays our US colleagues also work in those parts in shale gas, which has made the USA independent by changing the world's socio-economic balance. Marcellus Shale was considered to have inconsequential natural gas potential, it is now believed to hold the largest volume of recoverable natural gas in the United States.

Antonio Giordano then moved on to the Pittsburgh steel mills as production manager of a supply chain. He wanted to return to his Lucania to die in the land of his fathers
The great-grandson Michele Giordano, inherited the love of natural gas, he was one of the youngest directors of the municipal company of natural gas in Italy, in Garbagnate Milanese in the early 1980s. Then he entered the private sector, technical director of Sidam, a natural gas distribution company, then Basil Gas, then Camuzzi Gazometri, Enel Gas and finally 2iRete gas.

The technical office of Ing Carmelo Zucca was one of the first in central Sardinia after the war, and despite he having attended the Polytechnic of Milan, the young Carmelo refused to join a Lombard engineering company, just to participate in the rebirth of the island. He then provisionally accepted the job of inspector of the Sardinian complementary railways, and started his profession as soon as possible

His daughter Tullia also studied at the Polytechnic of Milan, graduating in Industrial Chemical Engineering, with the aim of returning to Sardinia in the chemical industries that had arisen in previous years, but these began to decline and therefore she remained in Milan, entering part of the Bonomi industrial group, at Cartiere Saffa, then she moved to the Oil & Gas field which she understood to be extremely congenial, so much than , after a last job as employee in Ballestra, she opened her professional studio precisely focusing her activity above all on this sector and collaborating on projects of natural gas installations for various parts of the world. The great love for Nature has always guided the development of each project, reconciling the most advanced technology at the service of environmental protection.